Precision Marine Pricing

Marine Pricing

Marine pricing is not as easy as asking for the size of the boat and getting your price. 

Here are a few examples of questions:

What level of dirt does your boat have? 

What level of oxidation is it at? 

Do we need to completely sand out the oxidation prior to an aggressive cut mechanical compound? 

How many deep gouges or scratches do you want removed?

Do you want the mold stripped off the deck? 

Are you wanting your non skid areas, decontaminated and waxed with a non slip wax? 

Did you know that your boat needs an acid wash and 3 stage polish prior to waxing or adding ceramic? 

There are so many different levels of care that can go into restoring your boat back to new. Time, materials, pricing, budgets all come into effect. What are your expectations? What do you feel the state your boat is currently in? 

Some companies can be as much as $125.00 per foot. What services are included? Some companies try to offer menu pricing which would come down to approximately $80-$100.00 per hour including the materials. Generally, the larger the boat the more per foot.  ( more time, more materials )

Materials are expensive, and a quality professional with a great reputation to install these products are not cheap, but will do the job right. 

Wax or Ceramic coating is the most common question when it comes to pricing. Wax will cost you less, as it’s less expensive to purchase and quicker to apply. Wax works well, but it will not out last the durable water repelling hard shell that ceramic has to offer. After three plus seasons, you should have already waxed your boat a minimum of 4-6 times in order to compete with the life expectancy of a high quality ceramic. 

At Precision, I feel the best practice is to physically walk around your boat with you. Having a discussion on expectations, needs and wants, I can take the time to educate you on the process and time involved to complete the repairs.  Once a price is established, we can alter the plan based on your budget if necessary. It’s important that we stay on the same page, manage the expectations and complete what was agreed upon. 

Windshield & Glass Armor

Windshield & Side Glass $399.00
Full glass Armor package including Sunroof $499.00
Add Vinyl Windows ( Isinglass/Strataglass ) add $149.00