About Us


Simply, I love working for myself. Making my own schedule, decisions, setting appointments, being responsible for my work, conversing with car and boat owners whether collectors, enthusiasts or anyone who is looking to add value to their personal possessions creates a sense of accomplishment and pride for my craft. It’s truly exciting! 

Of course, I’m the fall guy when there’s an error or situation that arises, but it’s ok, I can fix the problem right there. Having said that, I’m also the one that takes all the credit for a job well done.  

After almost 20 years in automotive sales management, It was time for me to make a change. I loved the car business for so many reasons, from It’s high tempo, upbeat atmosphere to it’s ever changing markets and consumer needs. The inner sides of how a dealership operates is amazing, and the people that keep that machine rolling are exceptional. It takes a certain kind of person to be able manage through the ultimate grind with so many moving parts, customers, staff, that require your immediate attention.  

Although exciting, the demand started to weigh, turning into a mix of stressful days and sleepless nights. I would constantly be wrestling with the idea of change and what it would look like. Making that life change in my mid 40’s having a long, stable career can be scary and overwhelming. Wondering if happiness would follow me with all the work and headaches that lie ahead to get a new business started would be worth it? Until one day, working on a boat when I realized what happiness really looked like for me. Working on my own with a polisher in my hand, tunes cranked, nobody around, I was truly relaxed. I was admiring the transformation of my work that was happening to that boat right before my eyes.  It was that amazing feeling that led me to make a change to start a new adventure.  

Attention to detail is so important. I believe I’ve always had great attention to detail. The ability to recognize something can be better or improved with just a little extra effort. 
Waiting for results is a struggle for me, no matter the context. I need to be able to see results quickly, which is a huge part of my business. Results are immediate and exciting. 

I can take something ugly, mistreated, dull, boring, scratched, faded, chalked, oxidized, and transform it into something incredible and worth talking about. 
If a vehicle or boat is brand new, I can always make it better. Used or pre-owned vehicles are the real challenge, but are definitely the most rewarding. The differences are indescribable, and once the customers sees the difference, the excitement levels carries over. 

Sounds like a cliche, but combining self gratification, customer excitement and satisfaction are my motivation. Loving what I do is the most important thing when it comes to earning a living. Loving what I do because it’s fun, is a game changer!  

That there my friends, is why I love what I do.