Precision Vehicle Protect

Total Paint Protection

Create a barrier between your new or preowned vehicle’s paint and outside elements to protect it from from unwanted UV rays, scratches, scuffs and marks. We start with a two-stage decontamination and finish with a Precision Wax or Ceramic coating to create a hydrophobic barrier that resists damage

The Decontamination Process

Every Vehicle Protect package begins with our two part decontamination process. We start with a chemical wash that is used to remove brake dust, tar, sap, etc. and then we follow that up with a mechanical decontamination using a clay bar or mitt. Together, these two steps remove all surface and embedded contaminants and create an optimal surface for the protective coating to be applied to

The Paint Correction Stage

Once your vehicle has been decontaminated, we can get a better look at the condition of your paint and identify any areas where paint correction or paint chip repair may be required. By correcting these issues now we not only create the best surface for the protective coating to adhere to, but we also restore your vehicle’s paint to new, or even better than new, before we create the protective barrier— locking in that showroom-quality finish.

Applying The Protection

After the correction stage has been completed it’s time to protect your vehicle’s paint using a protective wax or ceramic coating. Both of these options create a barrier between your clearcoat and the outside elements and protect it from water, nasty UV rays, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants. The major difference between our two options is their longevity. Ceramic can be more costly upfront, however, it balances out with its superior longevity and protection— requiring far less upkeep once the coating has been applied.

Protecting Your Soft Top

Have a vehicle with a soft top you’d like to protect? No problem!

Your car’s soft top is subject to the same environmental conditions as the rest of your car. And while it’s easy to see when your car’s body is dusty and dirty, it’s not always as obvious when your top is dirty. This is where we come in. Thanks to our supplier Gtechniq, we’re able to provide a similar level of deep cleaning and protection as our paint protection service so that every part of your car’s exterior can receive the Precision Ceramics treatment.

Ceramic Coating Upkeep

In order to maintain that “next level new” shine, we suggest a ceramic maintenance refresh every six months. This process consists of a wash, decontamination and ceramic refresh on all elements of your vehicle’s exterior to rejuvenate its shine and slickness and boost the life of the ceramic coating.

Prices range from $109.00-$179.00 depending on the size of your vehicle.


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