Precision Exterior Detailing for Marine

As a boat owner you know that well maintained and protected surfaces not only look better, they also mean considerable savings in ongoing maintenance. Harmful UV Rays really knock down and fade your boats gelcoat surface over time. In many cases the gel becomes chalky and oxidized. Precision offers a list of services that can restore your boats shine.

Gel Correction & Polishing

  • Pre-rinse
  • Decontamination wash 
  • Acid wash
  • Cutting compound  
  • Sanding if required for heavy oxidation 
  • Finishing polish to remove compound marks and to restore the gloss to better than new levels
  • Solvent wipe to prepare gel for coating


Sanding is necessary to remove heavy oxidation or scratching. Using a variety of paper ranging from 1000 grit working up to a 3000 grit for finer areas while not burning through your gelcoat. This can be completed by hand or an orbital machine


After the correction stage has been completed, it’s time to either protect with wax or ceramic. Essentially you’re putting a barrier between the gelcoat and the outside elements to protect it from that nasty UV rays, bird/spider droppings,  and contaminants, in the air. Water is of particular concern, especially rainwater that at times can contain acid. The best way to protect is to make sure the water quickly runs straight off your boats surface by creating a hydrophobic state. Waxing your boat needs to be done at least once per year depending on the environment your boat is in 

Ceramic Coating

Hydrophobic, repellency, beading all have the same meaning, some just sound fancier than others. Coles notes: The higher the hydrophobic state is, the more water is beading, the less contaminants are sticking to your ceramic, the easier it is to maintain your boats finish.

Bottom line is, you will pay more for ceramic up front, but it balances out with longevity and superior protection. Ceramic will out perform traditional waxes, because waxes break down quickly, and simply can’t compete with the long lasting durable finish of a high quality ceramic. Washing and ceramic spray refreshes are required to maintain the shine and longevity of your ceramic application. It’s super simple, quick and by far the easiest solution to healthy looking gelcoat