Truth About Ceramic

The Real Truth About Ceramic!

Simply, a high-end ceramic coating is comprised of silicon oxides that provides a tough glass-like finish repelling water (acid rain), dirt, bird droppings (acid), sap, tar, harsh chemicals and UV light. The best performing ceramics bond to a car’s finish and require the most care during the application. 

Bottom line is, you will pay more for ceramic up front, but it balances out with longevity and superior protection. Ceramic will out perform traditional waxes, especially for the person who drives their car regularly or on a daily basis. These waxes break down quickly, and simply can’t compete with the long lasting durable finish of a high quality ceramic. 

Don’t be taken for a fool.  Trust me, I’ve had this conversation several times. There is no doubt, ceramics have become a huge hype, basically found in every box store with their own slogans or tags. Make note: There is absolutely nothing you can put on your car that will act as a forcefield. If you set out to find that amazing product which allows you to neglect your cars finish, you’re wasting your time. It doesn’t exist!  

The trick is to find the right ceramic that meets all the steps and requirements to maintain a hard coat, high quality gloss with an amazing hydrophobic state. 

Hydrophobic, repellency, beading all have the same meaning, some just sound fancier than others. Coles notes: The higher the hydrophobic state is, the more water is beading, the less contaminants are sticking to your ceramic, and the easier it is to maintain your vehicles finish. Yes, you still need to care for your car with regular washes. Hand washing is the best practice, but if you had to run through a wash, make sure it’s touch-less (no brushes), and always choose the wash that doesn’t add any additional harsh chemicals or sealants that will break down your ceramic more quickly.

Over time, your ceramic will lose it’s strength, but the better you maintain your vehicle, the longer it will hold up, especially when using a ceramic refresh every once in a while as a rejuvenate. Amazing how much time this will add! 

Curing is a crucial step in the ceramic process. Once all the prep work has been completed, and the ceramic applied, it is time for the car to cure in our 70 degree shop for a minimum of 12 hours. The cure will actually continue to evolve and harden over the next few days, but 12 hours after completion, you’re good to go!