Precision Referral Program

Precision Recognized Program

All businesses need a solid marketing plan that consists of keeping customers happy, while at the same time keeping costs low.  At Precision we’re no different. We understand the most effective way to attract more business is simply through the happy customers we already have. In my opinion, word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising today. I find it strange that so many companies do everything they can to entice you to jump on board, but absolutely nothing to retain you. I want to be different. If we have done an exceptional job, and you’re extremely happy, why shouldn’t you share your experience with Family and Friends? If you’re sharing your experiences, verbally, through social media, google reviews, or handing out business cards, you’re generating business, which creates opportunity at minimal cost and expense. If you’re doing this, why shouldn’t you share in some of that future business and cash in? After all, you put in effort and your time is worth it!

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Precision Recognizes Program

  •  For every new customer referral, you will earn a $50.00 credit towards your next service. 
  •  The customer must be a non-existing customer
  •  The customer must complete their first service. 
  •  Incentives can be used on any service Precision offers.   
  •  Incentives are accumulative and unlimited. 
  •  Incentives are transferable to members within your family or the customer who is referred. 
  •  Although we will ask every customer how they heard about us, please make sure, if you refer, to let us know they are coming our way.