Precision Glass Armor

When it comes to your vehicle’s windshield and surrounding glass, nothing can be missed. Your glass is what separates your safety from the open road. Precision Ceramics understands this, and decided to partner with a long standing Canadian Company Supra Canada, who specializes in nano coatings for windshields and glass, while optimizing their coatings to also strengthen, reduce glare, and increase safety all at the same time.


Once we have an ultra clean glass surface, we apply a product called Supra Clear Armor. The film is optically clear, non distorting, non reactive and does not change the bending of a ray of light when passing from one medium into another. 

The non-reactive polymeric structure will not peel, crack or discolour; it is unaffected by soaps, solvents or detergents.  By treating glass to actively repel water and re-direct environmental debris, it can be washed with clear water or common wash solutions without the use of abrasives and strong acids. It prevents vision distortion and provides a unique hydrodynamic rinsing action by effectively causing water to “bead” and roll off, instead of filming on the surface. Simply, glass looks better, stays cleaner and is infinitely easier to wash or wipe off!


  • Increased deflection strength of the glass by up to 10X that of a non-treated piece of glass, making it less susceptible to stone bruising, pitting and breakage. 
  • Safety through better optical performance. – Increased visibility/clarity equals improved reaction time of the operator.
  • Better moisture disbursement (hydrophobic) equals improved visibility during inclement weather.
  • Less dirt, environmental continuation and ease of cleaning.
  • Reduction in transferred light during nighttime, sunrise, as well as improved safety through glare reduction.
  • Less frost and snow adherence by removing anchor points inherent to manufactured glass. 
  • Lower costs, less maintenance. 


Safety is one of the most important aspects of marine navigation. Whether it’s a commercial vessel, pleasure craft or fishing boat, enhanced visual acuity means safer operation. Supra Canada products applied to the windows of your vessel will disperse rain or wave spray and allow for clear vision while navigating safely through stormy seas or wind-blown lake waves. Supra Marine has the science to prove it, applications will allow for optic clarity day or night, and dramatically reduce post boating maintenance. Applied to your glass will dramatically improve your boating experience.

The US Navy and Coast Guard vessels use our product? Good enough for them, good enough for you and me! As boat owners ourselves, we understand the cleaning requirements needed to keep that investment not only looking good but operating in a manner that ensures safety. So ask us about our Marine applications – ease of cleaning, no more water spots baked into your glass, no more build up of salt composites, crisper vision and shiny clean surfaces, next time cleaning is as breeze. Lake water, salt water, it doesn’t matter, we have a solution for you.