Precision Glass Protect

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When it comes to your vehicle’s windshield and surrounding glass, nothing can be missed. Your glass is what separates your safety from the open road. Precision Ceramics understands this, and decided to partner with a long standing Canadian Company Supra Canada, who specializes in nano coatings for windshields and glass, while optimizing their coatings to also strengthen, reduce glare, and increase safety all at the same time.

How It Works

Like the rest of our services, our Glass Protect process begins with extensive preparation to create an ultra-clean glass surface. Once the glass surface has been cleaned, we’re able to apply Clear Armor from one of our industry-leading suppliers, Supra. This armor is optically clear, non-distorting, non-reactive and will not peel, crack or discolour— meaning you’ll see zero difference in your vehicle’s exterior, but experience all of the benefits of having your glass protected.

Simply put, your glass will look better, stay cleaner and be infinitely easier to wash or wipe off.
Precision Glass Protect Benefits
  • Up to 10x increased deflection strength vs. a non-treated piece of glass— making it less susceptible to stone bruising, pitting and breakage.
  • Better optical performance including increased visibility and clarity— improving the reaction time of the operator.
  • Creates a hydrophobic barrier for better moisture dispersement and improved visibility during inclement weather.
  • Less dirt build-up and environmental contamination for easier cleaning.
  • Reduced glare via transferred light (especially at night and sunrise).
  • Less frost and snow adherence.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
Supra companies

Precision Glass Protect For Marine

Ask us about protecting your boat’s glass with the same protective armor trusted by the US Navy and Coast Guard


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