Regal 210

Here is a a boat that the new owners wanted cleaned up. This was a tough one to say the least. Sometimes at the end of the day, after multiple sands to cut down the haze and oxidation, you leave thinking that you nailed it until you show back up the next day only to find that the oxidation had come back every so slightly. Back to the drawing board, another sand followed by another heavy cut polish. Keep in mind, I never go back to the customer to ask for more money. I assess and do the work that was quoted. Having said that, sometimes I may go to a customer and say that I can’t save the stripes, or would you like to have a product upgrade or an additional service completed, but never go back looking for more if I misquoted. Have a look at the photos of this transformation which involved an extra 6.5 hours of additional time. The owners and I joked saying it might now be a little profit to grab in it’s new condition!

  • Acid wash the bottom of the hull to remove years of yellow build up.
  • Hull – heavy cut polish to enhance shine
  • Full sand below and above rail
  • Repeat sanding in the green section of the boat to reduce or eliminate oxidation
  • Heavy cut polish, followed by a fine cut polish
  • Alcohol wipe to remove any residual compound
  • Finish with wax
  • New stripes and numbers to be added this fall