315 Boston Whaler Conquest

This Whaler was pampered with the full ceramic package


  • Acid wash
  • Light sand to remove some oxidation
  • Stage 1 compound and polish to remove and minor or fine scratching while reviving the gel
  • Stage 2 polish with a finer polish to remove any swirling from the first stage and maximize shine
  • Sand and polish deeper gouges and scratching as per some pictures
  • Alcohol wash to prep for ceramic application
  • GTECHNIQ ceramic applied – 3 year guarantee ( customer can stretch the lifetime of the ceramic with proper care and maintenance) Ceramic provides the ultimate shine and protection from environmental fallout, bird/spider droppings and UV rays at the same time ease of care without the need of waxing.
  • Sundeck was full of mold under a wet deck pad. This needed a bleach scrub
  • All non skid also had a bleach scrub, alcohol wash
  • Non skid wax – non slip wax applied and buffed off
  • Supra Glass Armor window coating 2- season applied to reduce glare, repel water and provide ease of care.