Campion Explorer Sport

2000 Explorer has a new owner who was looking for a full exterior makeover. Gel correction, scratch/gouge removal, Heavy cut and polish protected with GTECHNIQ no wax required ceramic, stripe removal with new stripe installation, fresh rich black bottom paint added. The next step = soft non slip marine flooring. Please see before and after pictures showing off it’s brand new shine!

  • Gel Correction Process
  • Acid wash to remove any contaminants on the gels surface
  • Stripe and adhesion removal – stripes were broken and baked into the gels surface 
  • Sand several gouges/scratches using multiple grits of paper to minimize/remove
  • Heavy cut compound and polish to bring up the shine.
  • Alcohol wash to remove leftover polishing residue
  • Stripe package – Add new matching stripes on both sides.
  • Ceramic Application – Lock the shine in with a no wax required GTECHNIQ Ceramic coating