Challenger 230

This Challenger was a challenge to say the least. Both sides have deep scratching and gouging in the black hull. If the hull was white, it wouldn’t be as difficult as it was. The objective is two-fold here. Reducing the scratching to as little as possible while eliminating the oxidation to increase the shine. ( If the customer wanted this looking 100 %, filling and painting the hull would be the only way to go) After hours of sanding the black three times with three separate grits of paper, the shine came up really well after polishing. There could have been 15 more hours added to this boat to reduce the issues. End of the day, the boat is probably at 80% but looks a million times better! Pictures were hard to get in a tight space, but check them out for some great before and afters.

  • Acid wash to remove any contaminants clinging to the gels surface, prep for sanding
  • Sand out larger scratching, sand the entire hull three times, three separate grit stages and polish to shine
  • Hard cut compound and polish to bring up the shine. 
  • Alcohol wash to remove leftover polishing residue
  • Finished in a long lasting, high gloss Carnauba Marine wax.