GMC Sierra AT4X

2022 GMC Sierra AT4X with 6800 km’s. This truck is white, which is extremely favourable to the customer (requires less cut polishing = less time spent = less materials used = less money for the customer) with already being exposed to several elements including salt/brine,brake dust (as per pics), some scratching from snow broom/brush (not our friends). A medium cut polish, and a fine cut on some of the black trim pieces brought the colour up, while removing the minor scratching. Tires are a pet peeve of mine. Why do the dealers, tire change installers etc. insist on putting chalk marks on the outside of the tires? Also, greasy tires dressings that seep into the rubber later turning them brown. ( see tire decontamination and blacken before and after pics)

  • Paint Correction Process 
  • Decontamination wash – This service includes the full exterior, door jambs, exhaust, wheels, and wheel wells.
  • Iron Fall out – The car was covered in brake dust. A standard wash will not remove these bonded contaminants. A combination of chemicals are key for safe removal.
  • Clay block – Clay the paint surface to level out and remove any remaining impurities
  • Cut and polish – Medium cut polish to remove snow brush marks and scratches. Fine cut polish on some of the black trim pieces and mirror caps for the ultimate shine enhancement. Better than factory!
  • Alcohol panel wipe – This final wipe is to remove all remaining residues ensuring the paint is at its cleanest state prior to coating.
  • Gtechniq 5 year ceramic application
  • Supra Clear Armor windshield and glass coating – added to strengthen, repel water and reduce glare.
  • Tire decontamination – Strip greasy tire dressing, remove factory chalk marks and numbers, finish with a clean flat black that doesn’t brown the tire. 
  • Rim Ceramic – decontaminate rims, strip, polish where necessary and apply ceramic
  • Running Board/wheel lip mouldings refresh – clean and blacken
  • Vehicle walk around and final inspection.
  • Cure time indoors for 12 hours.