GMC Sierra HD

2022 GMC Sierra HD Diesel with 9000 km’s

  • Decontamination wash – This service includes the full exterior, door jambs, engine bay, exhaust, wheels, and wheel wells.
  • Iron fallout scrub – Iron particles (look like small rust spots), tar, tree sap, water spots, bird acids and acid rain are some of the many things that can be stuck to the outside of your vehicle. A standard wash will not remove these bonded contaminants. A combination of chemicals are key to safe removal
  • Clay block – Clay the paint surface to level out and remove any remaining impurities.
  • Wet sand & polish 3” scratch on tailgate – Evenly sand until scratch is gone without breaking the paint, then polish to shine.
  • Paint correction stage o 2 stage polish both aggressive to remove fine scratching & fine cut to bring up the shine.
  • Alcohol panel wipe prep. This final wipe is to remove all remaining residues and ensures the paint is at its cleanest state prior to coating.
  • Gtechniq 5 year ceramic application
  • Supra Armor windshield and glass coating added to strengthen, repel water & minimize wiper reduce glare, protect
  • Rim decontamination & degreaser to remove all chemicals and environmental contaminants.
  • Rim ceramic added to protect against corrosion, harsh chemicals, environmental and road contaminants.
  • Vehicle walk around and final inspection.
  • Cure time indoors, 70 degrees for 12 hours.
  • Glistening result!