Mustang GT Coupe

2009 Mustang GT Coupe. The owner brought this car to me looking for some advice. The paint surface is 14 years old, black, heavily faded, chipped, scratched, marred, you name it, this was going to be a difficult job that I wasn’t 100% sure could be saved. We discussed and came up with a plan that involved some serious paint correction, sanding, multiple cut polishing. In the end, the owner is super pumped with the result. The car looks fantastic!

  •  Decontamination wash – This service includes the full exterior, door jambs, exhaust, wheels, and wheel wells.
  • Iron fallout scrub – The car was covered in brake dust. A standard wash will not remove these bonded contaminants. A combination of chemicals are key for safe removal.
  • Clay block – Clay the paint surface to level out and remove any remaining impurities.
  • Sap removal
  • Wet Sanding – several areas with heavy scratching, small and large needed attention. Not everything could be removed.
  • Paint correction- Heavy, Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine cut polishes were needed o bring it back to life and make the paint pop again.
  • Alcohol panel wipe – This final wipe is to remove all remaining residues ensuring the paint is at its cleanest state prior to coating.
  • Gtechniq 5 year ceramic application
  • Supra Clear Armor windshield and glass coating added to strengthen, repel water and reduce glare.
  • Rim decontamination & degreaser to remove all chemicals and environmental contaminants.
  • Rim ceramic applied
  • Vehicle walk around and final inspection.
  • Cure time indoors for 12 hours.