Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

2018 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid just received a full makeover. The owner of this vehicle really looks after it with regular washing. Great condition, other than a few stone chips that have been now taken care of with our colour match system. After a couple of hard cut polishes, this vehicle has some serious shine and looks fantastic! Check out some great pictures with some beautiful gloss and amazing reflections.

  • Paint Correction Process 
  • Decontamination wash – This service includes the full exterior, door jambs, exhaust, wheels, and wheel wells.
  • Iron fallout scrub – Lower body panels covered in brake dust. A standard wash will not remove these bonded contaminants. A combination of chemicals are key for safe removal.
  • Clay block – Clay the paint surface to level out and remove any remaining impurities.
  • Chip repair – Sand out chips, clean with alcohol, apply tow coats of colour match paint, sand and polish to shine.
  • Cut and polish – Heavy cut polish to remove/diminish scratching, followed by a fine cut polish to enhance the finish to an illustrious, better than factory high gloss.
  • Alcohol panel wipe – This final wipe is to remove all remaining residues ensuring the paint is at its cleanest state prior to coating.
  • Gtechniq 5 year ceramic application
  • Supra Clear Armor windshield and glass coating – added to strengthen, repel water and reduce glare.
  • Tire decontamination – Strip, scrub and finish with a sharp, crisp, black matte that wont brown the tire. 
  • Rim Protection – Strip and clean rims using an iron fallout solution. Apply rim ceramic
  • Vehicle walk around and final inspection
  • Cure time indoors for 12 hours.