Regal 2860 Makeover

This Regal 2860 has a new owner who wants it looking nice on the water this summer. Top to bottom from the arch down, it needed an acid wash and a heavy cut polish to bring back the shine. Dated gold & torn stripes were replaced with fresh new navy and silver. The Gold REGAL letters & badging were replaced with new modern shiny chrome. Old carpet was tossed, new soft EV foam non slip flooring installed. This is a completely different boat ******Please have a look at the before and after photos of this transformation.

  • Acid wash to remove any contaminants clinging to the gels surface, prep for sanding
  • Stripe and adhesion removal – stripes were broken and baked into the gels surface 
  • Sand out larger scratching in stages and polish to shine
  • Hard cut compound and polish to bring up the shine. 
  • Alcohol wash to remove leftover polishing residue
  • Stripes package – New Stripes installed
  • Letters/badging upgrade – Gold letters & badging removed, replaced with a modern look
  • Ceramic Application – Locked the shine in with a GTECHNIQ Ceramic coating