Sea Ray 340

Beautiful 340 that needed some serious hull attention. The hull is blue, and for anyone who owns a blue hull, you know exactly what the challenges are. Probably the most difficult hull on the market.

The boat has new owners that are looking to get it’s glossy shine back. A lot of scratches, and the oxidation build up has been an issue for years from the previous owner. A two part sand and multiple compounds to correct the gel was needed to bring it back. Apologies for the lack and quality of pictures, as I was in a tight space struggling to fit a in full side without bringing other light or shadows. There are some great before and after shots.

The Process:

  • Acid wash
  • Two stage sand: 1500 grit followed by a fine 3000 grit to remove sand marks/oxidation.
  • Stage 1 heavy compound and polish to remove minor or fine scratching while reviving the gel
  • Stage 2 polish with a finer polish to remove swirling from the first stage while maximizing shine
  • Sand, polish deeper gouges, scratching as per pictures
  • Alcohol wash to remove any residual compound
  • GTECHNIQ ceramic applied – 3 year guarantee ( a boat owner can stretch the lifetime of the ceramic with proper care and maintenance) Ceramic provides the ultimate shine and protection from environmental fallout, bird/spider droppings and UV rays at the same time ease of care without the need of waxing. Yes you still need to wash the boat, and should do a refresh ceramic spray at the end of the season to enhance a rich, glossy slick shine.