Absolutely mesmerizing fleck colours in this Gelcoat finish. This 2015 26’ Skeeter received a ton of attention to get it to the level where the new owner wanted. I’ll list the service below. Please check out the photos to understand the serious gloss and protection that has been upgraded on this boat.

  • Gel Correction Process
  • Windshield polished to reduce some light hazing and water staining, finished in a water repelling ceramic to also protect from fading and discolouring.
  • Full interior detail, polish and ceramic
  • Acid wash to remove any contaminants clinging to the surface including yellowing at the waterline and hull/transom area.
  • Sand out larger scratching in stages and polish to shine
  • Medium cut compound and polish followed by a fine cut to bring up the shine. This includes the motors, exterior and interior walls, dash and foot wells.
  • New SKEETER LOGOS installed
  • Black restorer added to blacken out the rub rail, trim and rubbers
  • Alcohol wash to remove leftover polishing residue
  • Ceramic Application – Lock the shine in with a 3 year GTECHNIQ Ceramic coating
  • 12 hour cure time