Tahoe Transformation

Really cool 2013 Tahoe in for a makeover. White gel was in good condiotion, but the black was in desperate need of some help. Fully oxidized and faded out from our beautiful suns harmful rays. The boat sits in the Sauble River area which is extremely harsh on the hull, creating some hard to deal with yellowing, grime and fungus. This needed to be acid washed and scrubbed to be removed. Please see the before and after photos to understand the amazing difference.

  • Pick the boat up for the owner
  • Hull Acid wash – sling the boat in the air, acid wash and scrub to remove yellowing and staining.
  • Stripe and adhesion removal – stripes were broken and baked into the gel in some areas. Not all stripes needed to be replaced, some patching was required.
  • Acid wash the entire boat to prep for sanding
  • Sand black gel 3 x using 1500/2000/3000 grit paper to reduce the oxidation on the black gelcoat
  • Hard cut compound and polish to bring up the shine.
  • Alcohol wash to remove leftover polishing residue
  • Ceramic Application – Lock the shine in with a 3 year no wax necessary GTECHNIQ Ceramic coating
  • Deliver the boat back to storage for the owner. Ready for Spring!