Toyota Tundra

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean you can’t look after it. This Tundra is a 2007, black, scratched and was in desperate need of some serious paint correction. Sanding, heavy, medium and fine cut polishes were necessary to clean up as much of the scratching and haze as possible , while trying to bring back the shine from 15 years ago. No doubt it was a challenge, but now the truck has some life back, and with proper bi-annual ceramic maintenance, the longevity will increase even further. Supra Clear Armor was applied to all the glass for protection as well.

  • Decontamination wash – This service includes the full exterior, door jambs, exhaust, wheels, and wheel wells.
  • Iron fallout scrub – Iron particles (brake dust), A standard wash will not remove these bonded contaminants. A combination of chemicals are key for safe removal.
  • Clay block – Clay the paint surface to level out and remove any remaining impurities.
  • Paint correction- Heavy cut polish to really dig out the scratching, Medium cut to help reduce the swirls, finished with a fine cut to enhance the shine.
  • Alcohol panel wipe prep. This final wipe is to remove all remaining residues and ensures the paint is at its cleanest state prior to coating.
  • Gtechniq 5 year ceramic application
  • Supra Clear Armor glass protection added
  • Vehicle walk around and final inspection.
  • Cure time indoors for 12 hours.