Precision Pricing

New Vehicle Pricing


2-4 Doors

IE: Mini Cooper, Golf


Mid Size

4 door small sedan or SUV/Pick up trucks

IE: Fusion, Camry, Escape, Ray 4, Ranger


Full Size

4 door Sedan/SUV/Pick up trucks

Regular cab/Exteneded Cab

IE: Explorer, Aviator, F150, Silverado


Extra Large

SUV/Pick up trucks

IE: Escalade extended, Navigator L,
Ford F-250 - F450, Silverado 2500 - 3500


Services included in New Vehicle Pricing Packages

Precision upgraded services

Windshield & Glass Armor

Windshield & Rear Window $199.00
Full glass Armor package including Sunroof $299.00


All rims receive a decontamination wash, followed by a surface restore to remove any oil, road grime, brake dust particles prior to ceramic application.

$39.00 per rim

Pre-Owned Vehicle Pricing

Pricing is based on New Vehicle Pricing above.

NOTE: Additional prices need to be applied for the paint correction stage prior to applying ceramic. This is based on your vehicle’s condition and colour.

Correction may entail: buffing, polishing, wet sanding.

Prices range from $249.00 – $649.00 depending on the number of polishing stages required.

Additional charge for excess scratch removal may be required.

Once your vehicle has been physically inspected, we can properly discuss your options and lock in pricing.


There are many variables when it comes to pricing, and no two vehicles are the same, even if they’re brand new.

Managing your expectations comes with understanding the time and expense to complete certain levels of paint correction. If corners are cut, it will reflect in the finished product. IE: Two brand new vehicles sit side by side, same year, colour, size, but one has a couple of scratches that require some additional correction time which adds time to the job, understanding they need to be removed or the finished product is compromised. Thats a great example of variable costs and why it’s important for us to review your vehicles condition together. It give us opportunity to discuss a plan and pricing strategy that is comfortable for you. At the end of the day, it’s your vehicle, your money, your investment.